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The Official Scientific Journal of Delhi Ophthalmological Society
Vitreous Substitutes

salazopyrin lactation

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Shorya Vardhan Azad, Deepankur Mahajan, Sidharth Sain, Amit Jain, Brijesh Takkar, Rajvardhan Azad
Dr.Rajendra Prasad Centre for Ophthalmic & Sciences, AIIMS
Corresponding Author:
Dr. Shorya Vardhan Azad
E-Mail : shoryaazad@hotmail.com
Published Online: 25-SEP-2013
DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.7869/djo.2012.34
Vitreous humour is a gelatinous structure that not only maintains the intra ocular pressure but also plays an important role in nourishment of the eye. The search for an ideal vitreous substitute that is transparent, elastic and biocompatible like the vitreous itself is still on. Over a period of time, various compounds have been used such as balanced salt solution, air, gases, perflourocarbons liquids and silicone oil. This review article looks at various conventional and investigational vitreous substitutes in detail.
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