Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology

Optical Coherence Tomography as a Diagnostic Adjunct for Ocular Surface Lesions

Mihika Dube1, Brijesh Takkar1, Payal Gupta1, Anubha Rathi2, Saroj Gupta1, Bhavana Sharma1
1Department of Ophthalmology, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Saket Nagar, Bhopal, India 
2Department of Ophthalmology, Dr RP Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, AIIMS, New Delhi, India

Editor-in-Chief, Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, Dr R.P.Centre, AIIMS.

Corresponding Author:

Mihika Dube (MS)
Department of Ophthalmology, 
All India Institute of Medical Sciences, 
Saket Nagar, Bhopal, India
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Received: 02-OCT-2019 Accepted: 26-NOV-2019 Published Online: 09-MAY-2020

We describe a series of four cases with ocular surface lesions, where optical coherence tomography (OCT) proved to be a useful tool for diagnosis and/or management. These cases included pterygium with cyst, suspected ocular surface squamous neoplasia, nodular scleritis and an inclusion cyst. The ability of OCT to reveal the internal characteristics and the true location of lesion may help, in judicious decisions regarding excisional biopsy in future.

Keywords :Optical coherence tomography, ocular surface, excision biopsy for ocular surface tumours