Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology

Bandage Contact Lens: a boon for corneal ulcer cases

Rashmi Kewaliya Joshi, Surbhi Kanawa, Anju Kochar
S.P. Medical College, PBM Hospital Bikaner Rajasthan, India

Editor-in-Chief, Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, Dr R.P.Centre, AIIMS.

Corresponding Author:

Surbhi Kanawa
Resident, Department of Ophthalmology
S.P. Medical College, PBM Hospital, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India.
Mailing Address: 61, Tagore Nagar, Kartarpura, Jaipur, India,

Received: 12-MAR-2020 Accepted: 22-MAY-2020 Published Online: 20-DEC-2020

Purpose: Bandage contact lenses are fabricated hydrogel lenses, effective in many corneal problems, most commonly in the healing of incisions occurring after refractive surgery and traumatic corneal abrasions. They promote healing, improve vision and act as a delivery mechanism for drugs. The principle therapeutic aim of these lenses is to provide relief from pain, provide mechanical protection and seal corneal perforations by acting as a splint for the underlying weaker tissue. This study was planned to evaluate therapeutic efficacy of bandage contact lenses in cases of non healing corneal ulcer, impending perforation and perforated corneal ulcer cases. 

Methods: It was a single centre prospective study. 65 corneal ulcer cases were selected in whom BCL was applied from 1 week to 3 months. Cases were divided in 2 groups; Group A, with descemetocele or small corneal perforation, in whom BCL was applied at 1st day and group B with non- healing corneal ulcer cases, in whom BCL was applied after 20-30 days. 

Results: Out of 65 patients 36 were males and 29 were females. Group A had 34 cases and Group B had 31 cases. The healing time of corneal ulcer was 12.80±6.48 days in group A and 10.24±4.59 days in group B. No serious complication was noted in any case. 85% cases reported visual recovery. 

Conclusion: 90-97% relief was noted post BCL application without undue complications. Timely BCL application, broad spectrum antibiotic and antifungal treatment and proper monitoring helped to salvage these eyes. 

Keywords :Bandage Contact Lens, Corneal Ulcer, Perforation