Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology

Visual Loss following Daily Dose Regimen of Anti Tubercular Treatment

Silni Chandra, Ranjini K. Christie Sarah Mathew
Department of Ophthalmology, Government Medical College Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Editor-in-Chief, Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, Dr R.P.Centre, AIIMS.

Corresponding Author:

Silni Chandra
Assistant Professor, Department of Ophthalmology,
Government Medical College, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Received: 08-JAN-2020 Accepted: 03-MAY-2020 Published Online: 20-DEC-2020

This article is to report on the increasing trend of visual loss following daily regimen of Anti Tubercular treatment. Review of 15 patients who presented with varying degrees of visual loss after starting Anti Tubercular treatment was done. The patients had variable time of presentation ranging from few weeks to 3 months. Pupillary reaction was bilaterally brisk but ill sustained in 80% cases. Fundus examination showed optic disc changes only in 20% cases. Ethambutol was stopped in all cases. 46.6% patients were given systemic steroids. Patients who presented early had better visual prognosis. No treatment was found to be effective in reversing the optic neuropathy except stopping of Ethambutol. Only early diagnosis could prevent total visual loss. Till the time the causes and risk factors get better elucidated it would be prudent to have a regular Ophthalmological evaluation of all patients who are started on daily regimen of anti-tubercular treatment.

Keywords :Tuberculosis, Visual Loss, Daily Dose Regimen