Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology

Paucity and Dearth of Eye Health Education Material (EHEM) in Hindi Language on Internet

Abha Shukla, Divya Rana, Kirti Chhabra, Rashmi Kujur
Department of Ophthalmology, Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

Editor-in-Chief, Delhi Journal of Ophthalmology, Dr R.P.Centre, AIIMS.

Corresponding Author:

Divya Rana (Resident)
Department of Ophthalmology
Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

Received: 16-APR-2021 Accepted: 05-MAR-2022 Published Online: 03-APR-2022

Aim: The goal of this study is to assess the availability of literature (EHEM) in Hindi language on internet pertaining to eye health education and eye diseases. Today internet is considered as reliable and important source for getting any kind of information by all age groups. People also use it as a mode for collecting knowledge about health problems. Eye health education material (EHEM) is plenty on internet but only in English language. People can better understand EHEM in Hindi. As a part of our mission to fight against blindness it is our responsibility to prepare EHEM in simple native languages and make it easily available on internet. This will be a major step towards improving health literacy of our country. An extensive search for eye health-related information in Hindi language on internet was done. All websites and the Pub Med literature database searched for related work. The information related to eye and eye diseases in Hindi on internet is insufficient for improving the health literacy of our population. Internet is brimming with knowledge imparting sites for eye health care not only in English but in many more foreign languages. Scanty material is available for our Hindi understanding people, this significant gaps needs to be addressed for further development of an effective health information system in India.

Keywords :Hindi, Health Education, Eye Health Education, Internet, Health Literacy